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Sareli Marketing Inc.

You're a business owner just like us, so let's have a straight-to-the-point talk here.  We understand what it's like to start and successfully run a company, and we know a lot about marketing companies successfully so that you won't have to.

While planning your business, you have most certainly given a lot of thought to the kind and quality of the product or service that you will be selling. You have probably also thought of various other things such as how you would launch your product, how you will promote it, how you will make it seem appealing to your potential customers, what discounts you will provide and so on.


So it seems you are all set for your business. But are you?


Aren’t you missing a VERY IMPORTANT POINT here?


What about bringing the potential customers to your website that you are planning all these things for? If you don’t have people coming to your business, your business is dead in the water right from the very moment you start it.



In the online world, this is what we call traffic. You cannot tell enough to emphasize the importance of traffic to your website. It all translates this way: You have to get as many people as possible to visit your website, and every person that comes to your website is a potential customer. But you have to put in the right efforts to entice these casual visitors to take the action you want on your website. And, before that, you have to bring the people to your website.


So that’s where we come into the picture. Our job is to provide you with the best services in Search Engine Optimization so that your website ranks right there with the big businesses on the search engines. So, the next time when a potential customer tries to look for some product or information within your industry, they see you right there on top!


But we make it sound so simple. It isn’t. SEO isn’t a simple game that any newbie can play at. It requires innate knowledge of how the search engines work and then it requires the right kinds of strategies and techniques to be employed so that the website is displayed on the top results. Furthermore, you have to ensure that these strategies aren’t done in a very brazen manner or they could backfire.



Popular search engines such as Google are known to penalize website that deal in black hat SEO practices such as keyword stuffing and such. That’s the reason we are so very cautious and, since we know exactly what these topnotch search engines want, we are able to give our clients’ business websites exactly what they are looking for.


We will even manage or modify your website to make it better geared for featuring on the search engines. You must know that a lot of your on-page factors directly influence how the search engines “pick up” your website. There are too many technical things such as tags and metatags, keyword density, H1, H2 and H3 title tags that we don’t want to get your head spinning. Once we begin, we will look into all those on-page factors that spell great SEO for your website.



We will also look for all off-page SEO that your website might need. Probably your prospects will be enhanced by link sharing or by directory submissions or maybe even through conventional methods such as article marketing and blogging. We will keep up on that. After a very careful tracking of your website’s progress, we will tell you exactly what you need to do to keep up, and do it for you too.


The purpose to all this craziness is to bring your website right into the top pages of the search engines. So that you won’t have to go looking for customers; they come looking for you!

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